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Camp Mi-Te-Na is the place to have the summer of a lifetime! You probably have a few questions about what camp is like and you may even be a little nervous. Don’t worry! There are hundreds of others feeling the same way. Our staff are some of the best camp counselors around, and many of them have been campers too which is what makes them so great at their jobs. They help you get used to the camp life and make you feel at home.


Camp Mi-Te-Na is the proud home to one of the most complex challenge courses in the area, including a climbing tower, zip line, and both high and low ropes courses! We offer outdoor basketball courts, two tennis courts, an archery range, a baseball field, soccer field, football field, outdoor hockey rink, beach volleyball, environmental center, and a rifle range in order to provide a wide variety of exciting activities for our campers to try. Join us for a summer of fun you will never forget at Camp Mi-Te-Na for boys.


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  • Canoe and Camp Trips
    Canoe &Camp Trips
  • Climbing Tower
    Climbing Tower
  • Foursquare
  • High Ropes Challenge
    High Ropes Challenge


Daily Schedules

Activity periods are spent enjoying the recreational and sporting facilities within the camp — either receiving instructions on a new skill or simply enjoying an activity. Campers make group (cabin or village) and individual decisions about how to spend their time. With all the choices, they are sure to have plenty of fun and excitement!

  • AM

    • 7:25
    • Wake Up
      Flag Raising/Breakfast
      Activity Period 1
      Activity Period 2
      Activity Period 3
  • PM

    • 1:10
    • Cabin Time
      Activity Period 4
      Activity Period 5
      General Swim
      Flag Lowering
      Evening Activities
      Report to Cabins
      Cabin Vespers
      Lights Out


Program Calendar

We create our programs so campers will have a great summer filled with fun, adventure, friendship, and new activities. Through these activities, campers will evolve and learn more about themselves and their peers. At Camp Mi-Te-Na, our staff come up with creative and out of the box activities in order to create an experience for campers that they wouldn’t otherwise get at another camp.

All program calendars are updated approximately two weeks prior to the start of that session. The schedules give you a layout of just a few special activities and theme days that we have tentatively planned at camp for each session.

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LIT & CIT Resources

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  • CIT Program


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