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We understand that choosing an overnight camp for your son can be overwhelming especially during a nationwide pandemic. For your convenience and reassurance, we’ve compiled a few frequently asked questions specific to COVID-19 and camp.

COVID-19 isn’t going anywhere, what happens if we can’t have camp again?

It’s hard to predict what new COVID-19 circumstances will be revealed tomorrow, let alone in June. We are working closely with DHHS to aid in the development of new guidelines that are realistic for overnight camps and offer a safe and rewarding experience for our campers. The Granite YMCA was able to operate several successful day camps last summer and Mi-Te-Na hosted a family camp and other groups for overnight stays. We experienced first-hand the most effective protocols that proved to keep our participants and staff safe. Due to all these factors, we are confident in being able to safely open for our traditional season with ample planning time and resources from the Health Department.

Why did rates increase this year?

Our goal is to be transparent about fees and expenses associated with camp. Our all-inclusive camp tuition allows families to plan and budget accordingly. Our price increase this year is due in large to the significant increase in operating costs such as:

  • – Food expenses.
  • – Building and construction materials to continue the upkeep and maintenance of our camp facilities.
  • – Expenses associated with continuing to offer the most innovative and impactful programming possible.
  • – Continuing to bring back high-quality staff members.

What is this COVID fee?

In the effort of providing a safe and positive experiences for all campers, we are instituting a mandatory, non-refundable $25 COVID fee per week per camper this summer. This fee is required upon registration and is in addition to the session costs. It will be used to offset the new expenses related to the safety and wellbeing of our campers and staff. Some of these expenses include:

  • – Camper and Staff Testing
  • – Additional cleaning supplies
  • – Additional Staff training
  • – Hiring additional staff to aid in required cleaning and sanitizing protocols

Why are there less one week options this year?

We are re-instituting some exclusive two week options which will be offered mid-summer. This will allow our families a choice of selecting a session that reduces the amount of campers in and out during the two week period.  All campers will be arriving at camp on the same day and departing at the same time two weeks later. New campers and/or visitors will not be permitted intersession during our exclusive two week options: July 11 – July 24 and July 25 – August 7.

We are still offering one week options; however, these will only be available during the first two weeks and last two weeks of the summer (Mi-Te-Na: June 27 – July 10 and August 8 – August 21 and Foss: June 27 – July 10 and August 8 – August 14). During these particular sessions, parents have the options of sending their child/ren for a one or two week session with the understanding that it is a shared session with one week campers.

Will my camper(s) have to wear a mask the entire time?

Campers and staff will not be required to wear a mask the entire time. We will require everyone to have several masks with them at camp and will ask campers and staff to wear it when social distancing is not possible. This may occur at certain activities and when in transit indoors. For the most part camp allows for plenty of social distancing. Everyday will have periods of time that masks will be required and times when they will be optional.

Will there be major changes this summer?

Yes. This summer will be different than previous seasons but not unlike changes that have occurred in other areas of our lives such as school and sports. We will be using the CDC cohort model that has been outlined in previous versions of the state guidelines. In an effort to keep campers within their same cohort, many camp wide activities will be replaced by village wide activities.

Can you tell me a little more about the cohort groups?

Our cohort groups will be comprised of a village. We will be using these groups and cabin groups to run our activities and meals this summer. Campers will be grouped with others from the same cohort during daily activities.

Will there be an increase in cleaning and sanitization?

Yes, we will be hiring additional staff members to solely focus on keeping camp clean. High touch areas will be sanitized several times a day. Additionally, over 30 hand sanitizing stations will be spread out around each camp.

What steps will be taken to mitigate COVID-19 from entering camp?

We will be requiring campers and staff to quarantine prior to camp arrival. Upon arrival campers and staff will undergo an in depth screening process with our healthcare team. Additionally, our camps will have the ability to test campers and staff. The testing program is currently being developed by our healthcare team.

What about white water rafting trips?

Currently, we are holding off on registering campers for White Water Rafting until the new 2021 NH DHHS guidelines come out. It is possible that out of camp trips will not be permitted. If these trips will be allowed and we can offer them safely then we will open up registration for them at that time.

With all these regulations and changes, will camp still feel like camp?

Yes. Camp will not look the same this season but, the true spirit of camp will remain intact. All of us have adjusted to a new normal with mask wearing, social distancing and increased sanitization. During to 202 season we hosted an array of alumni events, user groups and family camp. During these events we successfully followed all safety protocols and participants were still able to have an amazing time being campers.


We understand that choosing an overnight camp for your son can be overwhelming. For your convenience we’ve compiled a few frequently asked questions that any parents have. If you still have questions and/or would like to speak with our camp registrar or our camp director, please feel free to call or email.

This is my son’s first time away from home. What can I do to help him prepare for the separation?

Browse through our website and Official Facebook Page together so that he can view the pictures and see all of the exciting new activities that he will be able to participate in. Also, go over the packing list (located on our website or in the handbook) together. Talk about all of the fun things he will be doing and all of the new friends that he will meet. Don’t focus on how much you’ll miss him or discuss a trip that you may be on while he is away. Reassure him things will be fine while he is at camp, and remind him that he is not the only one going away to camp for the first time. There will be a lot of other boys also attending camp for the first time and many that are his same age. First time campers are always welcome to visit Camp Mi-Te-Na before their scheduled sessions.

This is my son’s first time away from home. What can I do to help better prepare myself for the separation?

After deciding that Camp Mi-Te-Na is the best option for your son, the way to prepare yourself is to read through the parent handbook in its entirety, browse our website, and even join our Official Facebook Page. This is the best way to see first hand the memories that are made, friendships that are created, and the fun that your son will experience this summer. Rest assured, our staff are trained professionals, and many of them started out at Camp Mi-Te-Na as campers themselves and have returned year after year. They know what it’s like to be a first time camper, so they can easily relate to your son and make sure that he’s having an amazing experience. Our staff are dedicated professionals that return year after year to provide campers with the same amazing experience that they once had as campers themselves.

Will my son make new friends?

Camp is a great way to make new friends! In addition to just being exposed to many new people, your child will be surrounded by staff that are trained to work with youth and help them meet new people while making new friends. Staff are also trained in how to address any negative issues, should they arise, such as managing cliques and/or bullying.

What happens if my sons CAMPDOC account is not completed upon arrival at camp?

State law mandates that we have a completed health history and physician-signed physical for all campers that is signed and dated within the last 24 months. Unfortunately, your son will not be allowed to stay at camp until a copy of his physical,  immunizations, insurance card, and demographic information has been received and uploaded to his CampDoc account.

My child has special medical needs. What can I do to insure his needs are met?

Please call or email our camp registrar outlining your son’s condition and any special requirements. This will allow us to determine if we are able to adequately meet your son’s needs and provide a  meaningful camp experience. Additionally, we encourage you to speak with the nurse during the health check-in and to your son’s cabin counselors.

Is my son able to bunk with one of his friends?

Campers can request cabin mates as long as it is a mutual request and the boys are the same age. Both campers requesting to be together must also be attending the same length session in order to be placed in the same cabin. For example, both must be attending either one week or two week. If the boys are not the same age, but are within 12 months of age, they will be placed to the best of our ability, in a cabin that is age-appropriate for the younger camper. We will not put boys together in a cabin that are more than 12 months apart in age. Due to last minute enrollment changes, cabin assignments are done just before check-in day. If you call in advance to check on your son’s cabin, we may not be able to tell you.

What happens if my son doesn’t get his cabin request?

Our camp staff does their best to accommodate all cabin requests. If campers aren’t in the same cabin together they will most likely be in the same village, but just in adjacent cabins. Campers will still be able to participate in activities together and will have the opportunity to make new friends.

Are laundry services available for my child?

Laundry services are only available for long term campers staying longer than a two week session. There is a charge of $15 for those long term campers that need to do laundry.

Should I be worried if I don’t get any mail from my son?

No, it usually means he is having a wonderful time and is busy in activities and making new friends. Tip: pack self-addressed, stamped postcards for him to send to you.

What should I do if I get a homesick letter from my son?

Don’t panic, it is very normal for the first letter. If you receive another, feel free to call camp and speak with his cabin counselor during meals. When you call the camp number, simply let the individual know the reason for your call, the name of your son, and what cabin he is in. The message will be delivered to your son’s cabin counselor and one of them will give you a call back during mealtime to discuss how he is adjusting at camp.

I will be out of town. Can I send someone else to pick up my camper?

During check-in each family will fill out an authorized child release form that lists people that are authorized to pick up your child. Please be sure to include anybody that may be picking your child up if you are not able to. Anyone picking up your child will need to have an ID available during check-out.

Where can I order care packages or name labels?

Under the parent section of our website there is a tab titled “Parent Resources.” Here you will find icons/pages linking you to clothing labels and care package websites should you choose to utilize them.

Everyone is welcome at YMCA Camp Mi-Te-Na and YMCA Camp Foss

The Granite YMCA provides a community were all are welcome. Camp Mi-Te-Na for boys and Camp Foss for girls are binary gendered overnight camps. We ask that campers attend the camp that aligns closest with their sincere self-reported gender identity. We expect campers and staff to follow all conventional social norms concerning modesty, the right to privacy and respecting others.